Introducing…Amil Shivji

Tired of everyone – including some rather awkward choices – attempting to rebrand, write about, speak for Africa(ns)? If so, here’s an antidote:

Word on the street: is an independent project started by Amil Shivji that puts the spotlight on Tanzanian citizens and their opinions on everyday issues. It is a weekly series that offers us an insight into what the common Tanzanian citizen has to say.

On this (the second) episode, Demere Kitunga, a publisher at Soma Book Cafe talks about what 50 years of independence means to her and where Tanzania is now.

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DRC diplomat vs. Spanish princess – awkward moment of the week

This video, shown on TV last night, has been providing plenty of entertainment to Spanish social network users.

The incident ocurred during the annual reception by the King and the royal family of foreign diplomats in Spain. As it can be seen at 0:29, the Spanish princess Letizia and a DRC diplomat are about to shake hands when the diplomat moves his hand away and turns around leaving the princess visibly surprised.
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Azonto – a dance craze for 2012?

First, happy new year everyone!

And now, let’s start looking at what may be worth paying attention for 2012. I will shortly write a detailed post looking at political trends that may be important this year, but in the meanwhile, here’s a cultural note.

The azonto dance is becoming hugely popular in Ghana (I first learnt about it a few weeks ago, when a Malawian high school friend staying there posted on Facebook the video below, and said it was the craze there). And it seems it’s also increasingly popular online. So will azonto take over the dance world in 2012?

What bugs Die Antwoord?

South African hip-hop band Die Antwoord, who have become hugely popular among hipsters all around world through their videos and aesthetics, have a new video: «Fok Julle Naaiers» («Fuck all you»), from forthcoming album «Ten$ions».
In this song their use of the word «faggot» has led to a costly divorce with Interscope label. But, as DJ Ninja explains in a video, this does not mean Die Antwoord are homophobic  – DJ Hi Tek who uses the work in the song is himself gay. See the video here, complete with an «interesting» show of to use the word «Simunye».

In any case, «Fok Julle Naaiers» is quite a dark and creepy video, in which all kind of insects crawl on the members faces and even their mouth. The last question I have, is what exactly means the «Viva ANC» graffitti next to the drawing of a man with a huge penis… Any ideas?

FOK JULLE NAAIERS from Die Antwoord on Vimeo.

h/t Nosideup