On Africa turns two (and gets a Facebook page)!

Just over two years ago (on August 26th 2009 to be precise), I started On Africa. At the time, I had just finished my MA on African Studies, was back in Spain and wanted to both keep myself busy and reflect some interesting news and debates around the African continent which I thought were relevant and not picked by the Spanish media. In fact, this blog was originally written only in Spanish, and it was later that I started writing in English. It was only when I was offered to blog at Maneno that I started writing in English.

Now Maneno is no longer a blogging platform and On Africa is back at WordPress. This I think, gives and idea of how fast things change at the blogosphere. But things have also changed for my personal life. I started the blog in Barcelona, with no clear idea of what to do after university, and now I live in Madrid, working on African politics and development. A clear improvement, especially seeing the Spanish job market!

In these two years this site has also increased its visits to a total of almost 23,000 visits in 24 months. That’s slightly under a 1000 per month, but considering that the first month had 36 visits and last july over 1,200, the trend does indeed go up.

Thanks to everyone that has visited, and especially to the regular realers that, I hope, are out there (other than the family!)

In this time On Africa has also ventured into the world of Twitter, where the conversation about Africa is indeed lively – thanks also then to the almost 500 people following this there!

And since things move fast, and one has to be always on the next thing, to celebrate the two year aniversary of On Africa, not only has the blog significantly changed its appearance (hope you like it!), but there is also a new Facebook page, which you are welcome to «Like» and where links and news will also be posted…

Thanks then to everyone that has made it possible for this blog to get this far! and hopefully see you around for a long time to come!

And I leave you with DJ Cleo, reflecting on how important Facebook has become (via Africa is a Country’s Facebook page! (where else)

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