Nairobi bleg

In exactly two weeks time I’ll be landing in Nairobi! This will be the first time I visit Kenya – and the first time I’ll be in Africa in almost six and a half years – way too long!

I’ll be there for work – presenting a FRIDE report on “Assessing Democracy Assistance: Kenya” that was published last year. But besides this, I wanted to use my time in Nairobi (I’ll be there for five days) to get in touch and talk to people based there. My idea is to talk to people involved with new technologies and with a political angle – anyone who is using new media in the civil/political arena, really. I want this to be a first step on a broader project on how ICTs are changing (for good, bad, or not at all) how people view their position and views within society.

So far, I have contacted some of the people at the Research arm of the iHub – who have been extremely friendly and helpful – with the idea of putting together some sort of meeting (as soon as there are more details, I’ll let you know). Given how little time I will be in Kenya I know this first contact will necessarily be shallow and incomplete – but I hope to make the most of it and use this as a starting point for a wider and more extensive project.

So (as the “bleg” part of the title promised), if you happen to be in Nairobi in late april and working on/ interested in politics and/or ITCs, or more generally activism, civic mobilisation, new technologies, development, ICT4D, or whatever else you are doing, and would like to meet for a beer (looking forward to taste the much talked about Tusker), I would love to hear from you.

Leave a comment below, or drop me an email! Asante!

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