An important day for Ghana and Kenya

Important day for Ghana, as the country is set to pump its first oil out of the ground. The discovery of such natural resources should be something to celebrate, as it will increase the economy of the country.
Nonetheless, this also carries a potential danger, as some analysts have pointed out, given the absence of a clear legal framework (the Petroleum Bill drafted was scrapped by the new government when came to power) and an independent regulator. All of which can increase the potential for non-transparent activities and for oil revenues not to benefit the Ghanaian people as much as it should (or even increasing the country’s debt). And adding to the concerns about the accountability of Ghanaian public officials, the Guardian reveals today “wikileaked” documents that detail the extent to which drug trafficking affect the country’s institutions.

And, all the way across the continent, another exciting day. Kenya expectantly awaits, as the ICC’s Ocampo will announce (at 2 pm) the names of the six people suspect of organising the post-electoral violence.

Ghanaians, Kenyans, how do you feel about these two important days? Are these events positive moves for your countries? Or do they carry more danger than benefit?

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