Africa’s true size and one of his music giants’ anniversary…

It’s been a hectic week for me, so not much time for blog posting… Nevertheless, I was about to make a brief post with a nice image that would make up for the lack of text, when I have just found out, this has already been posted at Africa Is A Country. There goes the original post, as you have probably seen it already (and if not, you should have, for AIAC is a must). However, it’s so nice it’s worth posting it again:
The map is by Kai Krause, and it got to me from my friend @patatitabrava, from Spanish site, Microsiervos.
And to make up for the already posted map, but still on the topic of sizes, I’ll leave you with some wise words by the music GIANT Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who, by the way, tomorrow would have turned 72…

And a live performance of his «Teacher Don’t Teach me Nonsense»

UPDATE: Just seen A Bombastic Element is also on the case of this Africa map

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