Giving On Africa a new direction…

I’ve lately been adding more and more things to my «To Blog About» list, without actually getting to put either of them here… Part of the reason for this is that I have been sort of busy, but I think another important reason for never getting round to doing it, is that I’ve been feeling that On Africa could do with some re-focussing and tiding up…
Partly because there’s some things I would like to write about more often – especially arts and culture topics – but find that I never have enough time for this, given that I am also trying to keep track of all interesting stories around Africa, something which is (obviously) impossible. So I’am trying to devise some sort of system where important and interesting stories get to feature here (perhaps in regular «links of the week» of «blog review» form…), but where most of the space is used for more original content on more focussed topics.
I am thinking especially of more culture (perhaps with some guest-posts, like I’ve done before); but also I would like to include more on topics related to what I am working at FRIDE at the moment: Spanish (and EU) development/foreign policy towards Africa (and related debates on this).
There will actually be lots of interesting things on this in the coming weeks, as the III Africa-EU summit gathers pace and also as the topics discussed around the MDG summit (aid efficiency, new development models and tools…) start to flow back and inform policy making in development actors…
So, stay tuned for some changes around here, both in form and content…

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