On Africa turns one, thanks everyone!

It seems like it was yesterday, as one usually says, but the truth is this blog has just turned one – this was its first post (in Spanish), welcoming any potential readers, on August 26th last year. Now, 365 days and 120 blog posts later, I have learnt a lot. Not only I have become acquainted with the blogosphere generally – something that a year ago was totally unknown to me – but also thanks to the Maneno people, specially eliaws and hudin (who also invited me to move to Maneno from WordPress in the first place), I have met many people from the African blogosphere and twittersphere, and surroundings. Thanks very much then, not only to Maneno people, but also to everyone alse I have had the opportunity of meeting (almost always virtually) through this blog during this past year: readers, , those of you who have left your comments, those who have linke to this blog from yours, etc. Thanks eveyone for without you, On Africa would not have made it this far. If I have managed to pass on and contribute to this community only a tiny bit of wat you I have received from you, I can be happy.

Now, looking forward into the second year of this blog, I am hoping to introduce some changes. I have thought of creating some regular section, dedicated to a specific topic, but I haven’t got all the details clear yet; also, some of the pages on the blo desperately need updationg, something I hope to do soon. For the time being, and until I can make all these changes, I hope to maintain certain regularity on my posts, as well as make these as interesting as possible.
Also, here I am including the links to the ten entries (in English) which I have enjoyed writing the most, or which I think are more interesting, in case any of you feels like looking at them. Also, on the Spanish version of this post (here), you can find ten other stories (in Spanish), some of which however are algo in English but don’t feature below.

Top ten blog posts in English

– Military developments in Mali and the growing importance of the Sahel region

(también en español, aquí)

– Governments of National Unity – back to the future?
(también en español, aquí)

– The African debate on whether size matters
(también en español, aquí)

– South African politics: 20% woodwork, 80% balancing act, 200% excitement

– Known knowns, known unknowns and unkwnown unknowns in African politics

– Africa: e-waste, harmful imports and the fractures of the global economy

– Europe’s ash cloud: a ‘total social fact’ that also affects Africa
(también en español, aquí)

– Africa on the US National Security Strategy 2010: what’s new?
(también en español, aquí)

– Is Realism the new Liberalism in Africa? Case for the Prosecution

– Stories and attitudes towards Africa: the Kristof approach vs. Staff Benda Bilili

5 respuestas a “On Africa turns one, thanks everyone!

  1. cercadeafrica agosto 26, 2010 / 2:23 pm

    Muchas felicidades y a seguir con ilusión!
    un abrazo

  2. Aurora agosto 26, 2010 / 11:19 pm

    Enhorabuena por este año! Seguro que te ha costado mantenerlo, pero es un placer seguir leyéndote, esperemos que durante muchos años más..


  3. miquel agosto 28, 2010 / 8:05 pm

    Great to hear it! Sorry for the two-day delay. I blame being under a Spanish influence. Now where’s my jamon?

  4. eliaws agosto 28, 2010 / 8:09 pm

    Oh, un año ya? Tempus fugit…

    Felicidades y gracias por un blog que durante este año ha continuado en mi lista de muy favoritos (y eso que mis gustos son volubles como el viento…).

    Y que cumplas muchos más!

  5. schauzeri agosto 30, 2010 / 11:35 am

    Muchas gracias a tod@s por las felicitaciones!! Espero que hayáis tenido/estéis teniendo un buen verano…

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