The week in links

Following from last week’s stories:
Nigeria’s new cabinet gets a rough reception from «news organisations and profiles on social media networks» «hack the list to pieces» in an example of how cyber-democracy can work as online citizens «ensure they are no longer merely witnesses to democracy…and intead use «the internet and its social network to successfully gatecrash their way into it.»
– After last week’s visit to Zimbabwe, South African president Jacob Zuma appears to have got a liking for foreign visits (maybe the climate at home is not too friendly) as he arrived yesterday in Kampala «for a two-day state visit, heading a large delegation expected to explore investment opportunities in Uganda’s new-found oil wealth.»
On the blogs this week, a few interesting debates:
– on the role of the state for development in Africa, and what its priorities should be: first, this debate on Chris Blattman’s blog, and then this follow-up to the debate by Wronging Rights.
– on the topic of development and Africa, Global Voices has an interesting «roundup of blog posts of Concern US aid workers blogging from Sub-Saharan Africa».
– on Africa, new technologies and WMD! (yes, you’ve read it right, so 2003, isn’t it?). Well it seems Franz-Stefan Gady, writting on FP, considers nearly all African computers as a security risk. Some sweeping asertions here, of the worst «coming-anarchy»-type. And argument quickly dismissed by Miquel at Subsaharska, and Kevin Donovan at Blurring borders.

If you are in Barcelona tomorrow, you can head down to the CCCB, and check out «Hello Africa», a documentary produced by the Austrian NGO ICT4D, which shows the explosion of numerous small businesses created around the mobile phone industry in Zanzibar. This is tomorrow at 12:00.
And to start preparing the weekend, to quick links to football-related posts (an unavoidable feature of weekends all around the world):
– first, this African Digital Art post photographic exhibit in South Africa in April showcasing the love of Football in Africa.
– and second, this interesting and touching Periodismo Humano report on over fifty grandmas (gogos) from Mafarana in South Africa’s Limpopo Province playing football (via Africa is A Country).
Have a good weekend!
The week in links

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