The week in links


In many ways, this has been Nigeria’s week. Mostly as a result of the news that Goodluck Jonathan disolved the cabinet on Wednesday. I blogged about it then (read it here), and since there have been more signs that it may be positive news – for example the response from the markets. The news have generated plent of comments, for today’s editorial on The Guardian to the unavoidable and unnecessary advice given by Col. Muammar al Gaddafi: «split Nigeria in two» (so much for his vision of a United States of Africa!) – which has been responded by Nigeria recalling its ambassador to Libya.
For some background information of Nigeria’s current predicament you can read this Global Voices’ article on the Enough is Enough movement – and their protest on Tuesday; and this Sahel Blog entry on a conference on Nigeria and Islamic Extremism.


Zuma’s been to Zimbebwe this week, where he’s engaged in talkes with both ZANU-PF and MDC officials and tried to resolve the stalemate paralysing the country’s government. Although Zuma called for a free and fair election, he knows this is not likely to happen– and that any alection may lead to further violence if ZANU’s grip on security forces continues. The most positive outcome of the talks than is that Zuma has met not only top-officials, but he’s made his round of conversations wider – including even Roy Bennet, the MD member standing trial accused of «terrorism». Furthermore, all parties in government agreed to solve outstanding issues and reprting back to Zuma before the end of the month.


– The Pan African Media Conference has taken place in Nairobi yesterday and today. There has been a brilliant coverage by Tweeps. If you want to have a look ot what’s been said follow the #AfMediaConf topic.
– World Bank sees Africa economies rebounding in 2010 (via Loomnie)
– Does the ongoing debate about American military support for Somalia’s government signal a small but significant step toward non-interventionism among US elites? asks Sahel Blog
Congo Siasa reminds us that «these are important days in the future of the Congo.Two important decisions are being taken by the international community: debt relief and the future of the peacekeeping mission.»
– Fela! comes closer – I can only share NaijaBlog’s enthusiasm.
– Spanish blog «Héroes de Ébano» shares this classic and touching video:

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