Sunday news and press review

Egyptian fans in an image of archive (Photograph: Adam Davy/Empics)
Trully exciting football Saturday around Africa; emotions however, will only end on Wendnesday after Egypty-Algeria play-off in Sudan, after incredible last minute 2-0 victory by Egypt
Kenya’s Mau forest dwellers evicted – Friday’s editorial on the Daily Nation, looking at human aspect, and today’s New York Times’ article which explores the more obscure motives may be behind the evictions.
Trial against Zambian newspaper journalist accused of distributing obscene material, after publishing pictures of a woman giving birth on street comes to an end. However, it is Fred M’membe chief editor – charged also with contempt to the court – that appears as the real targe among fears for press freedom in the country.
Armando Gebuza (FRELIMO), re-elected as Mozambizan President
on the election celebrated on 28th October, although results were only announced on Wednesday. He got 75,46% of the votes and FRELIMO captured 191 out of 250 seats. Second party RENAMO captured 51 seats and its candidate Alfonso Dakhlama, 16,51% of votes. There are however serious fraud allegations , some documented by MDM, the third political force in the country.
China’s involvement in Africa is set to continue, after the country promised $10 billion in low-interest development loans for the next 3 years

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